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The Air Flotation Dryer features Spooner's market leading air flotation nozzles which transfer heat to the coated or sized web whilst.
Pivot/Multi-Roll Paper Roll Clamps by Cascade handle two or four rolls at a time in demanding high-cycle operations.
Plastic flow simulation in 3D is used to detect part war page, sink mark, fill time, pressure and other useful information before building the mold.
I-Zest is the proud owner of two manufacturing plants, each respectively designated for metal mould making and plastic injection molding.
Our extreme attention to detail ensures that the plastic injection moulds and our custom injection molding satisfy the needs of consumers of our products.
KET manufactures complete extrusion lines with optimally matched components, sophisticated automation concepts and tailor-made solutions.
Tape extrusion lines by Lohia, come in the lorex & duotec model of tape extrusion lines with melt capacity ranging from260-900 kg/hr.
With UL60601-1, EN60601-1 and IEC60601-1 approval, Advantech medical Point-of-Care (POC) terminals are scalable medical computing platforms.